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Torrentz will always love you. Stranger in a Strange Land Cover. 88 “Books that Shaped America”. A stranger in a strange land pdf 1991, three years after Heinlein’s death, his widow, Virginia Heinlein, arranged to have the original uncut manuscript published.

The story focuses on a human raised on Mars and his adaptation to, and understanding of, humans and their culture. A second expedition 25 years later finds a single survivor, Valentine Michael Smith. Smith was born on the spacecraft and was raised entirely by the Martians. He is ordered by the Martians to accompany the returning expedition. Seeing this restriction as a challenge, Nurse Gillian Boardman eludes the guards and goes in to see Smith. By sharing a glass of water with him, she inadvertently becomes his first female “water brother”, considered a profound relationship by the Martians. Gillian tells her lover, reporter Ben Caxton, about her experience with Smith.

Ben explains that as heir to the entire exploration party, Smith is extremely wealthy, and following a legal precedent set during the colonisation of the Moon, he could be considered owner of Mars itself. His arrival on Earth has prompted a political power struggle that puts his life in danger. Smith’s room and then publishes stories to bait the government into releasing him. Ben is seized by the government, and Gillian persuades Smith to leave the hospital with her. This leads him to express the Martian concept of life as the phrase “Thou art God”, although he knows this is a bad translation.

Martian society is directed by “Old Ones”, the spirits of Martians who have “discorporated”. Eventually, Harshaw arranges freedom for Smith and recognition that human law, which would have granted ownership of Mars to Smith, has no applicability to a planet already inhabited by intelligent life. Still inexhaustibly wealthy, and now free to travel, Smith becomes a celebrity and is feted by the Earth’s elite. The Church owns many politicians and takes violent action against those who oppose it.