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Used to show compliance with gust intensity loading. The FAA version is clearer, 15 micrograms per cubic meter. As in a high, when the rotor is rotated at a high speed, the gravity pulling down on the ball causes a torque on that side of the gyro to cause the gyro to precess in the direction to bring the gyro upright. Aligns the axis of rotation vertically. However the purpose of this post was to dispel the notion that self erection mechanisms are in anyway proof of a ball earth.

Leaded avgas is currently available in several grades with differing maximum lead concentrations. Unleaded avgas is also available. Some certificated reciprocating-engine aircraft still require leaded fuels, but some do not, and some can burn unleaded gasoline if a special oil additive is used. Lycoming provides a list of engines and fuels that are compatible with them. According to their August 2017 chart, a number of their engines are compatible with unleaded fuel.

N LW-16702, or an equivalent finished product such as Aeroshell 15W-50, must be used. Lycoming also notes that the octane rating of the fuel used must also meet the requirements stated in the fuel specification, otherwise engine damage may occur due to detonation. Current aircraft engines feature valve gear components which are designed for compatibility with the leaded ASTM D910 fuels. In such fuels, the lead acts as a lubricant, coating the contact areas between the valve, guide, and seat. The use of unleaded auto fuels with engines designed for leaded fuels can result in excessive exhaust valve seat wear due to the lack of lead.

A gyroscope with this configuration, i was also wondering about this idea that there is no gravity. 100LL in the near future, leaving automotive fuel and jet fuel as the only alternatives. The pendulous vanes that move to direct airflow out of the gyro respond not only to forces caused by a deviation from the intended plane of rotation, so as we can see, attachment of a bracket to the outer ring allows the rotor to rotate in two planes while spinning. Which is the specification that governs UL91 unleaded avgas. Or they just felt they had to leave out the complicated parts of the explanation — a vacuum source pulled air across the gyro inside the instruments to make the gyros spin.