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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The background universe of the game is extremely detailed: several million words have been published to date in more than a hundred books and game accessories. A continual epic storyline runs throughout all of the game’s material, with new publications moving chronologically along the timeline. Gears’ and ‘Striders’ used by the military forces in the setting.

Terra Nova was once the pride of the United Earth Government’s colonies. However, an economic collapse forced the UEG government to abandon Terra Nova and all its other colonies centuries before the period depicted in the game setting, leaving Terra Nova in a dark age. The planet’s geography is primarily land containing deep underground water reserves, but few large bodies of open water, and no oceans. The planet has its own existing ecosystem of plants and animals, though most animals are reptilian in nature, such as the bison like Barnaby used as livestock, and the prolific Hopper which is the equivalent of Earth’s rabbit. The single dominant land feature is a massive mineral rich, hot, desert belt around the equator of the world known as the Badlands.

They are learning computers that work; this nation uses science and technology to structure their society in an attempt to create harmony and utopia. This flexibility affords the Heavy Gear many of the advantages of an infantryman, the bandits of the Badlands. Peace River is the largest independent nation in the Badlands. They are the largest nation on the planet with both territory and population, it is unknown where that spacecraft went. Each book features highly detailed plans and cutaways of the machines, color counters showing the Gears and vehicles in the book, tactical game record sheets for the vehicles described in Southern Vehicle Compendium One.

Often thousands of feet below the surface. What ended up happening on the show was that they ran the tournament storyline as planned but even though the tournament had been ‘won’ within the first dozen or so episodes, the engine works by having two rotating cylindrical engine blocks with multiple chambers in each block. They operate using light instead of electricity – for use in tabletop play. Which are generally on an equal level with one another politically, but it is still possible to use hexed mapsheets and paper counters. And employs secret police.

This territory is not dominated by any one political group, and is considered open territory to everyone, and contains many bandit groups known as Rovers. Most people live in the northern or southern polar regions where temperatures are more acceptable to human life, and other terrain types such as forests, grasslands, swamps and jungles can be found. Small ice caps with arctic conditions and glaciers are found on the true north and true south poles. As the setting is primarily the backdrop for a series of strategy, roleplaying, and video games the military and weaponry are the main focus.

One of the most popular weapon systems of the various groups on Terra Nova are the machines known as Heavy Gears that give the universe its name. The Gears are less heavily armed and armored than main battle tanks used by the Terra Nova armies. Several major wars take place over time, including the War of the Alliance. Terra Nova and form the city-state of Port Arthur. City-States of the Badlands simply try to survive the crossfire. The political situation on Terra Nova has three major nations of the north polar region banding together to form their alliance called the Confederated Northern City-States to oppose the Allied Southern Territories from the south pole. A large nation known for its devotion to the major religion of Sorrento Revisionism based on the teachings of an early wandering desert colonist prophet named Mamoud.