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As shown on Google Scholar as of May ap psychology textbook myers pdf intelligence, Diener’s publications have been cited over 145,000 times. He received his doctorate at the University of Washington in 1974 and was a faculty member at the University of Illinois for 34 years, retiring from active teaching in 2008.

He held the Smiley chair as the Joseph R. He has won the distinguished scientist award from the International Society of Quality of Life Studies, as well as the Jack Block award for outstanding contributions to personality psychology. In 2015 he resumed teaching, beginning as a professor of psychology at both the University of Virginia at the University of Utah. Marissa and Mary Beth are psychologists, as is his son, Robert.

Diener, also known as Dr. Happiness, is one of the lead researchers in the field of subjective well-being. These evaluations include people’s emotional reactions to events, their moods, and judgments they form about their life satisfaction, fulfilment, and satisfaction with domains such as marriage and work. Diener has said “It is important to work on social skills, close interpersonal ties and social support in order to be happy. Diener discovered that there are reasons for greater SWB among extraverts beyond the fact that they spend more time with others, a hypothesis popularized by other researchers. This is evident in his research that shows that the pleasantness of a situation is a more important factor than the social or nonsocial aspect in determining extraverts’ enjoyment.

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