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Salt Lake Temple, Utah – Sept 2004-2. Some Mormons are also either independent or non-practicing. North America has more Mormons than any other continent, though the majority of Mormons live outside the United States. Mormons have developed a strong sense of commonality that stems from their doctrine and history. They have a unique view of cosmology and believe that all people are spirit-children of God.

Central to Mormon faith is the belief that God speaks to his children and answers their prayers. Due to their high birth and conversion rates, the Mormon population has grown significantly in recent decades. Mormon” in reference to themselves. The LDS Church, however, disagrees with this self-characterization, and encourages the use of the word “Mormon” only in reference to LDS Church members. Church leaders also encourage members to use the church’s full name to emphasize its focus on Jesus Christ. Today, polygamy is practiced within Mormonism only by people that have broken with the LDS Church.

The history of the Mormons has shaped them into a people with a strong sense of unity and commonality. In the first period, Smith had tried literally to build a city called Zion, in which converts could gather. During the pioneer era, Zion became a “landscape of villages” in Utah. In modern times, Zion is still an ideal, though Mormons gather together in their individual congregations rather than a central geographic location. 1820s while living in upstate New York. The early church grew westward as Smith sent missionaries to proselytize. Mormons “must be treated as enemies” and be exterminated or driven from the state.

The city became the church’s new headquarters and gathering place, and it grew rapidly, fueled in part by converts immigrating from Europe. Kingdom of God” on the earth. In 1844, local prejudices and political tensions, fueled by Mormon peculiarity and internal dissent, escalated into conflicts between Mormons and “anti-Mormons”. For two years after Smith’s death, conflicts escalated between Mormons and other Illinois residents.

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