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The erosive wear scar area increases with rising the swirl number. The dominant erosive astm a106 grade b pdf mechanism encountered was the plastic deformation. The maximum mass loss observed was at non-swirling regime and low angles. The erosion rate at different swirl numbers exhibits an erosive wear ductile mode.

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Swirling jet flows are of interest in many industrial processes such as those involving combustion, separation, propulsion, cooling, dredging, excavation, cleaning, etc. In recent years some researches have dealt with erosion mechanisms behaviour onto different materials, for instance concrete, coatings, ceramics, composites, diamond like carbide films, metallic alloys, etc. However the erosive wear behaviour of metallic materials subjected to swirling impinging jets has not been studied. An erosion tester was designed and built to erode the metallic specimens at swirling and non-swirling conditions. Erosion tests were conducted on seamless carbon steel pipe ASTM A-106 Grade B coupons as target material. Resulting that the dominant erosive wear mechanism at all conditions tested was plastic deformation.

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