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Lithuanian citizens can also vote in mandatory or consultative referendums. The structure of the elections means that a large number of parties is represented in the parliament and coalition governments are common. The head of the state – the president – is elected to a five-year term in a buying gloves in gibraltar pdf vote, with the president eligible for up to two terms in office. More than 1500 municipal council members are elected in local elections to four-year terms, with the majority of the seats allocated using proportional representation and the mayors elected directly by residents in a majority vote.

The Lithuanian representatives in the European Parliament, currently numbering 11, are elected using proportional representation every five years. 12 referendums have been organized in Lithuania, initiated by either citizens or the parliament. Of these, only four have seen the referendum question approved in a referendum deemed to have taken place. Voting in elections is generally open to all citizens of Lithuania who are at least 18 years of age. Lithuania can vote in the Lithuanian elections to the European Parliament.

Voting in municipal elections is open to all residents of Lithuania, regardless of their citizenship. The voters vote in a secret ballot and the elections have generally been assessed as free and fair, although allegations of irregularities have been common. Ordinary elections to the Seimas take place on the second Sunday of October. To be eligible for election, candidates must be at least 25 years old on the election day, not under allegiance to a foreign state and permanently reside in Lithuania. Persons serving or due to serve a sentence imposed by the court 65 days before the election are not eligible. Also, judges, citizens performing military service, and servicemen of professional military service and officials of statutory institutions and establishments may not stand for election. Lithuanian constitutional court, which stated that the Lithuanian constitution does not allow for persons impeached for a breach of constitution or their oath of office to stand in elections indefinitely.

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If there are more than two candidates and no candidate wins in the first round, a second round of voting is held within 15 days. The two leading candidates from the first round are eligible for the second round of voting. The candidate that gets more votes in the second round is declared a winner, regardless of voter turnout. Candidates take the seats allocated to their parties based on the preference lists submitted before the election. The preference lists are adjusted by preference votes given by the voters. Seven elections of the Seimas have been held in Lithuania since independence. Lithuania was held on 25 October 1992, with a run-off on 15 November.

24 parties and political movements contested the Seimas seats. Analysts attributed the victory to the support the party found among the Russian and Polish minorities, farmers, as well as to popular dissatisfaction with the economic situation, particularly the fuel shortage. Lithuania into independence finished distant second with 30 seats. 20 October with the run-off on 10 November. 10 October, with the run-off on 24 October.