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Unsourced charles bukowski short stories collection pdf may be challenged and removed. His short articles were marked by his trademark crude humor, as well as his attempts to present a “truthful” or objective viewpoint of various events in his life and his own subjective responses to those events. Bukowski uses his own life as the basis for his series of articles, and characteristically leaves nothing out.

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The different stories range from hooking up with the wife of a stranger who invites him over for dinner and to admire his work, to Bukowski’s versions of “debates” with other writers at “Open City”. Bukowski goes through life and each event without caring about the consequences of his actions. He is almost always alone aside from the occasional prostitute that he invites over. A few times, generous people who admire his writings will allow him to stay with them rent free. He does not understand why people enjoy his writings so much.

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