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NATOPS is a positive approach toward improving combat readiness and achieving a substantial reduction in the aircraft accident rate. Standardization, based on professional knowledge and experience, provides the basis for development of an efficient and sound operational procedure. The standardization program is not planned to stifle individual initiative, but rather to aid the commanding officer in increasing the unit’s combat potential command air naval operations manual pdf reducing command prestige or responsibility. 1961 as a positive approach towards improving combat readiness and achieving a substantial reduction in naval aircraft mishaps in both the U.

A lack of standardization and training in both aircraft maintenance and flight operations was cited as a causal factor in a large percentage of mishaps. Several standardization programs were initiated in the late 1950s and early 1960s to counter this problem. S aircraft on the same base or in the same air group. The NAMP standardized maintenance procedures across all of naval aviation, or what has been termed since the early 2000s as the entire “naval aviation enterprise”. Prior to the FRS concept, qualified pilots transitioning to a new aircraft were essentially told how to start it, and then sent to go fly. The final major standardization initiative put in place was the NATOPS program in 1961.

CV NATOPS, LSO NATOPS, etc. They do not include tactical doctrine. In order to remain effective, NATOPS must be dynamic and stimulate rather than suppress individual thinking. Since aviation is a continuing, progressive profession, it is both desirable and necessary that new ideas and new techniques be expeditiously evaluated and incorporated if proven to be sound. Compound emergencies, available facilities, adverse weather or terrain, or considerations affecting the lives and property of others may require modification of the procedures contained herein.

Read this manual from cover to cover. It is your responsibility to have a complete knowledge of its contents. F-14 Tomcat Pilot’s Flight Operating Manual Vol. NATOPS General Flight and Operating Instructions: OPNAV Instruction 3710.

The “3710” or “OPNAV 3710”, as it is commonly referred to, is issued by the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. Often called the “General NATOPS”, it is the overarching document in the NATOPS program and it provides policy and procedural guidance applicable to a broad spectrum of users. Aircraft specific NATOPS manual cover. These manuals are typically about 2 inches thick. These are manuals for specific aircraft models containing standardized ground and flight operating procedures, training requirements, aircraft limitations, and technical data necessary for safe and effective operation of the aircraft. There are typically several volumes, including supplements for weapons systems, performance charts, servicing checklist, and post maintenance functional checkflight checklist. Pocket checklists are designed for quick access to information in the cockpit.

NATOPS flight manuals are prepared using a concept that provides the aircrew with information for operation of the aircraft, but detailed operation and interaction is not provided. This concept was selected for a number of reasons: reader interest increases as the size of a technical publication decreases, comprehension increases as the technical complexity decreases, and accidents decrease as reader interest and comprehension increase. Only the information required to fly the aircraft is provided. Miscellaneous NATOPS manuals are issued for special aircraft-related operations or systems that require fleet-wide standardization. CV NATOPS Manual with distribution notice. Changing NATOPS publications requires following a full approval process.

These conferences produce a list of “recommended changes” that are then vetted by an approval process prior to promulgation. The key people involved in NATOPS go from the Chief of Naval Operations all the way down to individual users. NATOPS model manager: The unit commander designated to administer the NATOPS program for a specific aircraft model or aircraft related system. NATOPS model managers conduct annual NATOPS evaluations of units assigned. NATOPS model manager in NATOPS-related matters. NATOPS evaluator: A highly qualified air crewmember assigned to a NATOPS evaluation unit who conducts annual unit NATOPS evaluations for a given flight crew position.