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In addition to his contributions to physics, Witten’s work has significantly impacted pure mathematics. 1990, becoming the first physicist to condensed matter physics ashcroft pdf the prize.

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Time and again he has surprised the mathematical community by a brilliant application of physical insight leading to new and deep mathematical theorems e has made a profound impact on contemporary mathematics. In his hands physics is once again providing a rich source of inspiration and insight in mathematics. Maldacena’s discovery has dominated high energy theoretical physics for the past 15 years because of its applications to theoretical problems in quantum gravity and quantum field theory. Witten’s foundational work following Maldacena’s result has shed light on this relationship. Witten established several powerful results in quantum field theories. Partly in collaboration with Seiberg, one of his recent interests include aspects of field theoretical description of topological phases in condensed matter and non-supersymmetric dualities in field theories that, among other things, are of high relevance in condensed matter theory.

From a generalization of SYK models from condensed matter and quantum chaos, he has also recently brought tensor models of Garau to the relevance of holographic and quantum gravity theories. In general, Witten has done influential and insightful works in many aspects of quantum field theories and mathematical physics, including the physics and mathematics of anomalies, integrability, dualities, localization, homologies and so on. In an informal poll at a 1990 cosmology conference, Witten received the largest number of mentions as “the smartest living physicist”. Rafael, and a granddaughter Nava.