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Emerson Institute in New York City in 1900. 1,000,000 a day started a nationwide interest in the subject of “efficiency”. 1882 emerson’s law of compensation pdf of his progressive educational ideas.

In the years after, Harrington had several jobs, including a frontier banker, land speculator, tax agent, troubleshooter, lecturer, and educator. 1896, which created the foundation for his career as efficiency engineer. In 1900, he established the Emerson Institute in New York City in order to focus on his work as efficiency engineer. Emerson had spent his youth in Europe. Smith, a skilful railroad surveyor.

In 1895 he began a rapid survey of these, determining what their product and costs were compared to what they ought to be. In 1900 or 1902, he checked up minutely the losses occurring in the use of materials, while planning, scheduling, and dispatching work through a large factory. He has installed his system partially, though in no instance completely, in some 200 different plants from Alaska to Mexico, from Louisiana to Canada, from Southern California to Maine. These activities were carried on through the Emerson Company, which late 1910s employs between forty and fifty efficiency specialists. Nevertheless, by the time Emerson had worked out from Topeka to the end of the 10,000 or so miles of road, his system was affecting 12,000 men, and he had a task upon his hands which took three years of time, and the assistance of a large staff of railway experts. Increased supervision of the men was to be undertaken, and for good work special rewards were to be given.

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