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Dispositif is translated variously, even in the same book, as ‘device’, ‘machinery’, ‘apparatus’, ‘construction’, and ‘deployment’. Such are the elements foucault archeology of knowledge pdf the apparatus. The apparatus itself is the system of relations that can be established between these elements.

Foucault’s work” and “a resourceful approach to the study of contemporary societal problems. According to Raffnsøe, “the dispositionally prescriptive level is a crucial aspect of social reality in organizational life, since it has a determining effect on what is taken for granted and considered real. Furthermore, it determines not only what is and can be considered possible but also what can even be imagined and anticipated as potentially realizable, as something one can hope for, or act to bring about”. Church Fathers’ attempt to save the concept of the Trinity from the allegation of polytheism, as the triplicity of the God is his oikonomia. Further expanding the already large class of Foucauldian apparatuses, I shall call an apparatus literally anything that has in some way the capacity to capture, orient, determine, intercept, model, control, or secure the gestures, behaviors, opinions, or discourses of living beings.

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