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The digital age and globalisation have together changed the European business environment for good. As companies and their employees deal with different languages and cultures on a daily basis, multilingualism can no longer be considered just as an asset or a competitive advantage, four criteria of electronic music traducido al español pdf rather as a fact of life. Thus, multilingualism has become a global issue as well as a transversal issue within organisations, since digital communication is erasing national and linguistic boundaries. Faced with this multilingual reality, companies have adopted a number of innovative business practices described in the case studies carried out in European companies.

However, social networks and collaborative methods have led to increasingly complex and technical content. Human resources will always be needed to validate translations, both the machine generated and the human variety. As well as case studies and analysis, this study on multilingual business practices contains a set of recommendations to enhance multilingualism in business. The present study makes the case that quality efforts in translation are indispensable and worth paying for, as these costs actually save money in the long run. It aims to provide a methodology for calculating: 1.

IT and translation tools, terminology, etc. The costs of poor quality, i. IT problems, poor quality of external translations, as well as the costs, financial or otherwise, for the Commission, the EU and society in general. Chapter 5 will look into the consequences of poor quality outside DGT, i. Saddle River, NJ, Prentice Hall.

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