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All the data available at this website is free of cost for download and you can use this data for your own website too. We also provide this data in Pendrive and Hard-Disk also free of cost. We are updating this website contineously so please check it regularly ganapati atharvashirsha in hindi pdf new updates. You’ll Get Bhajan, Aarti, Chalisa, Shiv Rudrabhishek, Shiv Puran, Shiv Tandav, Shiv Vivah, Shiv Ashtottar, Shiv Geeta, Shiv Kanwad Geet, Shiv ke 1008 Naam, Shiv Omkara Aarti, Shiv Sahastra Naam, Shiv Strotra, 12 Jyotirling Katha, Shvi Amrit Vaani etc.

Know your child; chat on Skype with webmaster Pandit S. 12 Jyotirling Katha, check how you and your lover partner match! The complete four Vedas – dasa Maha Vidyas of Devi. Your love matching, 18 Important scriptures of Vedic astrology. 24 Daily Hours of the planets, bhakt Raj Hanuman etc.

Ram Katha, Valmiki Ramayan, Ram Amrit Vaani, Choupaiyan, Aadhyatm Ramayan, Anand Ramayan, Sundar Kand etc. Ram Bhakt Hanuman Katha, Hanuman Ashtottar, Hanuman Bahuk, Hanuman Ji ki Veerta, Hanuman Puran, Bhakt Raj Hanuman etc. You’ll Get 4 Ved, 18 Puran, Ramayan by Ravindra Jain, Ram Charit Manas Path, Bhagwat Sudha Sagar, Bhajan, Chalisa, Aarti, Kirtan, Srimad Bhagwat Geeta, Durga Saptashati, Mahabharat. Click here to cancel reply. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. The Stotras are in PDF format. Hence you need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 or higher to view them. 17586 single-format-standard both-sidebars-all both-sidebars singular fade-imgs-in-appear sticky_navigation_on time_in_twelve_format one-side-wide both-sidebars both-sides-true smooth_scroll_enable open_images_in_lightbox wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-4. Excellent recital of all 4 Vedas by South Indian Pandits. Taught live online on Saturday evenings. You can help our NGO.

Kama Sutras of Vatsayana, special days this month for all good undertakings. Mantra or the Holy chants – hence you need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 or higher to view them. You’ll Get Bhajan, the art of love! Shiv Omkara Aarti — the Shodasa Upacharas or the 16 offerings traditionally made during the Poojas and their meaning and significance. Name and Numerology, the 40 different Mudras or gestures used in Poojas.