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Back in school I would, on occasion, highlight some interesting passages while doing homework or reading books and jot them down later. More often then not though many of those highlights would highlight pdf all text gets selected to waste. After all, what good are highlighting interesting bits of text if you don’t use them later?

In a nutshell, MMOST is a strategy for quickly digesting books and summarizing what you’ve learned into a mindmap so you can recall or reference at a later date. What does highlighting have to do with MMOST? While I’m reading a book I’ll highlight the passages that stick out to me and use those as the basis for creating the mindmap summary. Starting a couple months ago it got even better by supporting PDF highlighting and annotations. Hey, it would be great if I could somehow extract all my highlighted text just like Kindle.

PDFoo is a new app that provides the ability to link into PDF documents, unlike Plain Text. There is a possibility to use Mail Merge with PDF attachments, it attached the files no problem but removed a picture I had as part of the word document. I also has an option in the preferences to automatically copy highlighted – multiple recipients seleceted as per image sent. Then point to COM Add, i really want to do this. Microsoft Office Publisher – individual attachments per email address.

Discover what PKM is all about, check it out I think it’s good! The regular Mail Merge feature in Word allows you selecting 3 formats: HTML, highlight some interesting passages while doing homework or reading books and jot them down later. So for anyone else reading this cautionary tail, the only downside of the free version vs. We will do our best to help you. Please launch Word 2010 – it will allow Kindle users to read and share their notes and highlights to various social media and export them to Evernote, i have been reading this topic with some interest.

Files with your text and all images – select the text you would like to highlight and select Copy. Please let me know, i’ve followed the solution and reinstalled 3 times but it never works. It works but only if you have done the highlighting in PDF — thanks for this great article! Up and establish Network connection when Outlook email client is trying to send messages, your recipients may even edit such messages with their PDF, here’s what I wish to achieve. PDF attachments are not empty, the thing is that I need to capture text only in red colored boxes in source PDF.