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Sponsored’ label helps to recognize Facebook posts by celebrities as advertising. The recognition of advertising increases how to post a pdf to facebook page beliefs about a sponsored post. Sponsorship disclosure indirectly decreases intentions to engage in eWOM.

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Social media, such as Facebook, offer brands the opportunity to reach their target audience in a less obtrusive way than traditional media, through sponsored posts. Regulations require marketers to explicitly inform consumers about the commercial nature of these posts. Results suggest that a sponsorship disclosure only influences the use of persuasion knowledge when the post is disseminated by a celebrity. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

Her research mainly focuses on consumer responses to different types of embedded and personalized advertising, and how disclosures influence the use of persuasion knowledge and the persuasive outcomes. Journalism at the HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht. Her research focuses on the empowering role of social media from the perspectives of both consumers and organizations. Master’s degree in Communication Science, specialized in Persuasive Communication at the University of Amsterdam. Her research explores the effects of sponsorship disclosures and celebrity endorsements in social media advertising, on consumer’s persuasion knowledge and their responses towards the advertising. Currently, she works as an online communication and marketing consultant in a communication agency based in Amsterdam. 2017 Direct Marketing Educational Foundation, Inc.