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This lights the roadway for the driver and increases the visibility how to turn an online article to pdf format the vehicle, allowing other drivers and pedestrians to see a vehicle’s presence, position, size, direction of travel, and the driver’s intentions regarding direction and speed of travel. Early road vehicles used fuelled lamps, before the availability of electric lighting. It did not have all-electric lighting as a standard feature until several years after introduction.

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1908 and became commonplace in 1920s automobiles. Tail lamps and brake lamps were introduced around 1915, and by 1919 “dip” headlamps were available. 1936 and standardised as the only acceptable type in the USA in 1940. Self-cancelling turn signals were developed in 1940.

By 1945 headlamps and signal lamps were integrated into the body styling. Halogen headlamp light sources were developed in Europe in 1960. HID headlamps were produced starting in 1991. The color of light emitted by vehicle lights is largely standardised by longstanding convention. No other colors are permitted except on emergency vehicles. This beam is specified for use whenever other vehicles are present ahead.