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The majority of the characters in the film generally behave in a violent and lawless manner, engaging in crime, sex, and recreational drug taking. When her father picks her up from school that day, Sam quietly threatens to kill her if she ever tells anyone. The following morning, the students are informed of Katie’s death and are given the day journey of adulthood pdf free to mourn.

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Sam had stolen from them earlier. Sam returns unexpectedly, but is beaten unconscious by the boys and they knock down Sam’s mother as they flee. Alisa, feeling bad that she was not there for Katie, berates the girls for the suffering they caused. Becky accidentally reveals that Alisa is pregnant, information that the bullies promise to spread around school in an effort to humiliate Alisa. Becky scorns her for putting her life at risk.

Having successfully sold the drugs they acquired earlier, they head to a shopping centre to buy dresses for a party later that evening. Becky makes demands of Alisa to buy a cheaper dress, before the pair meet up with the boys. Heartbroken, Alisa asks Becky if they can leave, however Becky refuses as she wants to go to the party. Trevor had drilled the barrel for in the beginning of the film at school. Though visibly terrified, Trevor carries out his uncle’s order, and flees the house traumatised. Trevor desperately tries to call Alisa, but is unsuccessful in doing so.

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