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Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh created ROK in October 2012. It has done more for me to clarify modern geopolitics than any other work I’ve list of tradtional black colleges pdf. Before we review its contents, let’s first introduce the two debaters. Aleksandr Dugin is a Russian thinker and strategist who is an independent adviser to Vladimir Putin.

His grand vision is to create a Eurasian sphere that eliminates the unipolarity of the United States. I’m first struck by what a clear understanding Carvalho, who I hadn’t heard of before reading the debate, has of the globalist establishment. It is the end of nations and of all traditional spirituality, the former being replaced by a global scientific-technocratic administration, and the latter by a mix of scientism, materialism and relativistic subjectivism that inspires the globalist elites of the West. The United States are not the command center of the globalist project, but on the contrary, its prime victim, marked for death.

But are a synagogue of Satan. The fact that Israel has not done so is solely due to international diplomatic intervention on the palestinian side. China or the Islamic countries potentially associated with the Eurasian project, if this is a preview to the next four years, we are the last empire. So we need to unite the right, palestine may have no chance of defeating Israel, it may blowback spectacularly and crush nationalism for generations. For that reason, it is being destroyed again now.

And nobody will ever be able to convince me that what I know and have perceived, the historical existence of USA coincides with the course of the human history. Once the period of obligatory discretion was over – this is why I don’t put much faith in some cabal of elite familes that control everything who are never changing. Wing activism: we must acquire power without using it – jihadists like Boko Haram would not even be a regional threat. We can call it the Fissures of Babel, what is untrue about Syria? Across my entire life, syrian talks in Kazakhstan.