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Lexington ranks 10th among US cities in college education rate, with 39. This area lives on the boundary mike rose pdf free fertile soil and abundant wildlife was long occupied by varying tribes of Native Americans. European explorers began to trade with them, but settlers did not come in large numbers until the late 18th century. April 19, 1775, they named their campsite Lexington.

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The risk of Indian attacks delayed permanent settlement for four years. 1782, during the last part of the American Revolutionary War. It is the oldest black Baptist congregation in Kentucky and the third-oldest in the United States. Lexington has all the appearance of Market Street in Philadelphia on a busy day  I would suppose it contains about five hundred dwelling houses , many of them elegant and three stories high. About thirty brick buildings were then raising, and I have little doubt but that in a few years it will rival, not only in wealth, but in population, the most populous inland town of the United States  The country around Lexington for many miles in every direction, is equal in beauty and fertility to anything the imagination can paint and is already in a high state of cultivation. Residents have fondly continued to refer to Lexington as “The Athens of the West” since Espy’s poem dedicated to the city. First African Baptist, was one of three clergy who stayed in the city to serve the suffering victims.

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49 and the early 1850s. Cholera was spread by people using contaminated water supplies, but its transmission was not understood in those years. Often, the wealthier people would flee town for outlying areas to try to avoid the spread of disease. In the city, slaves worked primarily as domestic servants and artisans, although they also worked with merchants, shippers, and in a wide variety of trades.

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