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This article treats of will in its psychological aspect. We cannot but think this an abuse of terms. Motives are the product of selective attention. Touch the lost in scotland hilaria alexander pdf-volume below to view encyclopedia articles within the sub-volume.

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English friar and martyr, hanged, drawn, and quartered at St. Bishop of Rama, Vicar Apostolic of the Western District, England, b. Publicist, diplomat, born at Baltimore, MD. Benedictine historian, died about 1422. Bishop of Rochester and founder of Merton College, Oxford, b. A twelfth-century Scholastic philosopher, and theologian, b.

Mystic philosopher and theologian of the twelth century. An English writer and convert, eldest son of William Ward, Esq. Old Hall, Newark, 28 March, 1876. Isleworth, Middlesex, 4 March, 1895.

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Martyred at York, 1 August, 1605. German ecclesiastico-polical writer of the eleventh century. A province of Prussia situated between the Rhine and the Weser. A Cistercian abbey near Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria. The Christianizing of Britain begun by St.

Editor, historian, born at Baltimore, Maryland, U. Erected in 1887, from the Diocese of Leavenworth . Catholic theologian, born at Hohenraim, Lucerne, Switzerland, 15 Aug. Saxon leader, and one of the heads of the Westphalian nobility. A suppressed see in Lower Austria. Member of the Order of Cistercians, b. Theological writer of the eighth century.

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