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This lui magazine pdf free download is about the French magazine. United States, launched just a decade before.

It was anyway a semi-clandestine circulating material, not allowed to be freely displayed or openly bought. This magazine was particularly successful from its origins to the early 1980s, afterwards it began a long decline. After 1987 there was a further attempt to relaunch the title but the publication ceased again in 1994. It was published every three months.

Among the first collaborators are Jean-Louis Bory, René Chateau, Philippe Labro, Francis Dumoulin, Francis Giacobetti, Siné, Michel Mardore, Gilles Sandier and many others. It has been published 69 numbers. Its editor was Stéphane de Rosnay in 1989, Brice Couturier 1990 to 1992. The circulation that was in early 1980 of 350,000 copies dropped to 70,000 copies in 1993. In early 1993, the magazine abandoned the monthly release and became bimonthly. The Filipacchi group stopped publication in June 1994. The coverage of the first issue was dedicated to Miss Agnes.

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The magazine had again a monthly issue and the design of the title was upgraded. In this series, for the first time, the cover picture was devoted to one man alone, without accompanying female model. This attempt to revive the magazine failed. The magazine published quarterly from 2001 to 2010 had a pornographic nature.

Le charme des filles d’aujourd hui. It was published by the company 1633 whose president and sole shareholder is Michael Birnbaum. Patrick Guérinet was the managing editor until 2010, when substituted by Francis Guillebon in July. Its editor-in-chief is Frédéric Beigbeder.