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Japan first produced and patented imitation crab meat in 1974, as Kanikama. This was a flake type. In made to stick pdf free, Osaki Suisan Co. Japan first produced and patented imitation crab sticks.

In 1977, The Berelson Company of San Francisco, California, US, working with Sugiyo, introduced them internationally. Kanikama is still their common name in Japan, but internationally they are marketed under names including Krab Sticks, Ocean Sticks, Sea Legs and Imitation Crab Sticks. Legal restrictions now prevent them from being marketed as “Crab Sticks” in many places, as they usually do not have crab meat. The effect of egg albumen on the viscoelasticity of crab sticks made from Alaska Pollock and Pacific Whiting surimi”.

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