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Indian Railways Suburban Railway Logo. 2,342 train services and carries more than 7. Trains run from 04:00 until 01:00, and some trains also run up to 02:30. 34 km, on 16 April 1853 at 15:35. The 14-coach train took 1. Since 1991, it has been expanded rapidly.

The Map is designed to give a complete overview of the Mumbai Suburban Rail network. Slow Lines, Approx travel time between stations, List of all stations with grid index, Station Codes etc. Central Railway as well as Western Railway are shared with long distance and freight trains, while inner suburban services operate on exclusive parallel tracks. WR operates the Western Line and CR operates the Central Line, Harbour Line, Trans-Harbour Line as well as the Vasai Road-Diva-Panvel line. The Central Line in Mumbai consists of 3 major corridors, which bifurcate as they run into suburban satellite towns. These two corridors constitute the ‘main’ Central Line. There is also an 18-km corridor between Kurla and Thane stations for use of outstation and cargo trains.