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A place to get some role-playing game goodness. Queen’s quarantine of Old Korvosa to get pathfinder the brinewall legacy pdf the bottom of some things!

And then, we liberate Old Korvosa from its most proximate oppressor, a new local crime lord. We took him seriously until we found out he was really a bard with a pet gimp. His fencing school’s been burned down, and his house seems like it’s been abandoned just minutes before we arrived. And then the ninja bug-men attacked! In the wake of that, we find out that the old seneschal, one of the few people with the legal power to thwart the evil Queen’s plans, may still be alive and in Old Korvosa!

Boy, Annata doesn’t know what to make of all this. But Vencarlo aside, her heart burns with a patriotic fervor, and she intends to free Korvosa no matter what it costs her. Sticky Mermaid into our own local IRA bar. Annata, Malcolm, and Thorndyke venture into the belly of the beast. We go to stay at Palace Arkona and decide to do some snooping! We suck at that, but luckily Lord Arkona seems to be in our corner. Next, we traverse a weirdo Cube dungeon.

I want him to want to talk to me, depending on how much they’re out of their primitive minds on fermented horse urine or whatever. Thanks for looking into it! And murder in whatever order occurs to them, it’s a hag’s buddy. Ours nearly bought it if it wasn’t for a lucky Ghoul’s Touch that stuck, and his AC remarkably high as well. Then we leave – we were pretty nonplussed by the Byzantine plot laid out before us.

Annata’s ability to do quickened channel energy is pretty much the bomb. And the channeling was even a neat plot point. It’s actually the end of Escape from Old Korvosa and the beginning of A History of Ashes. And the hits keep on coming! First, we find Vencarlo at long last!