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2D to 3D model-based design. Bass was born in New York, New York to a chemist father and school teacher mother. He returned to Cornell and graduated with Bachelor of Arts in mathematics in 1983. In 1981, Bass pdf on using a buzzsaw for wood cutting-founded a computer graphics company called Flying Moose Systems and Graphics Ltd.

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The company commercialized HOOPS, a 3D graphics system originally developed at Cornell University in the mid-1980s. Bass served as Ithaca Software’s chief technology officer and CEO. He joined Autodesk when the company acquired Ithaca Software in 1993, serving as the chief architect for AutoCAD. Autodesk engineers said they needed Bass’s software development skills. Bass returned to Autodesk when it acquired the company in 2001. Autodesk’s president and CEO, naming Bass as her replacement.

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