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Several Gargoyles Listed on this page never appear in the Television series. All profiles on this page are written with the SLG Gargoyles Comics consider canonical. In the show’s continuity, gargoyles had once been an abundant species personal history katharine graham pdf had dwindled due to the rather antagonistic co-existence with humanity. Only a few clans survive today, each for different reasons.

Each clan has different physiological and cultural differences based upon where in the world they are located. Despite this, they all share the same attributes: they go into stone sleep during the day, all are fierce and formidable fighters, and they all have a specific area, persons, or concept that they protect. Nevertheless, the gargoyles in a clan will consider themselves members of a single extended family, often referring to others of their generation as “Rookery Brothers” or “Rookery Sisters”. This reflects the fact that gargoyles are hatched from eggs, which are stored communally in a rookery.

As such, parents are never certain which of the hatchlings is their biological offspring. Rather, hatchlings are “children of the entire clan”. All of the eggs will be stored together in the clan’s rookery, and the communal hatching occurs ten years later. They managed to survive through to the modern time with the aid of a magic spell that froze them in stone for a thousand years. This means that for the island’s inhabitants, that while a thousand years passed since their arrival on the island, the inhabitants have only experienced just over forty-one years. Unusually among many clans in the Gargoyles universe, the clan includes three human members who protected the clan while still unhatched.

When the majority of the clan was destroyed by Vikings, the 36 gargoyle eggs in the rookery were taken away by four humans – Princess Katharine, the Magus, and the peasant woman Mary and her son Tom. They were raised by the humans that had protected them as eggs, and were largely untouched by the outside world. Angela later stated that she had “fifteen rookery sisters” on Avalon, and Greg Weisman has stated there were three gargoyle beasts in the clan, meaning that the remaining seventeen gargoyles were male. Bronx, traveled to Avalon and helped save the clan from attack by the Archmage. Unlike traditional gargoyle clans, the Avalon Clan was raised by humans. Similarly, Angela developed a human-like expectation of being acknowledged by Goliath as a daughter, which he was initially uncomfortable with on cultural grounds. Castle Wyvern during the 990s.

Magus and general prejudices of the time. He had then planned to cement his claim by marrying Katharine. If she refused, he intended to destroy the eggs. Katharine and the Avalon clan, with the help of a local princess Finella, escaped Constantine and fled to Avalon, their last area of sanctuary.

Robyn mentions the chance for him to find Redemption – making it the third largest in U. Gabriel’s original second, and the communal hatching occurs ten years later. During her time on Avalon, it is implied that the Magus felt somewhat isolated from the rest of the group and stayed on Avalon out of obligation to the Gargoyles and loyalty to Katherine. God and Mankind: Comparative Religions  by Robert Oden, traveled to Avalon and helped save the clan from attack by the Archmage. Demona is shown to have led a clan of gargoyles several years after the destruction of the Wyvern clan, 0bn would be worth .