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It was the seat of U. 230 popular mechanics complete home how to pdf fought in the conflict. 600 km southwest of Buenos Aires.

150 were killed during or after interrogation and torture. When announcements were made that prisoners were to be “transferred”, people came to understand they were going to be executed. These are only some examples of the many treatments that prisoners of the ESMA were forced to experience during the kidnappings that forced them into clandestine detention centers. There were certain types of individuals within Argentinian society who were to be kidnapped and removed from it.

Stories show, for example, that there was a disproportionate number of Jews taken in custody, shedding light on anti-Semitic victimization. Another group targeted included the people who potentially supported a different government, opposing the current junta and military dictatorship of Argentina. This would serve as a lesson to incite fear within other members of the community who were also against the current governmental structure of Argentina. Upon being kidnapped, for example, many kidnappers would interrogate the prisoners about why they were opposing the Argentinian dictatorship and spreading a new political ideology, disregarding the fact of whether or not this was actually the case. Once kidnapped, it was very rare that these prisoners would return home, leaving loved ones wondering if they would ever see their family members or friends again.

During the beginning stages of the Dirty War, Argentinians living in Buenos Aires were unaware that the building that once housed a school had been transformed into a center for punishing “subversion. Once the prisoners had arrived to this new “renovation,” their basic human rights would be ignored. Instead, they were taken to certain floors depending on their status of punishment in an effort to dehumanize the victims. The basement contained interrogation rooms and a station meant for taking and maintaining photographs of each of the prisoners.

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