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The purpose of this research was to identify the important characteristics that a construction project manager should possess to ensure successful communication. The characteristics of a project manager indicate the type of leader and leadership style that the project manager applies during the management of projects. A research questionnaire focussing on communication skills of project managers, in terms of importance project management the managerial process 6th edition pdf free download the successful management of projects was circulated.

The results of the survey were compiled and analysed. The results of the research illustrate those characteristics which are important for managing projects successfully. The characteristics further indicate by implication the project managers’ leadership styles with managing projects. The implications of this research may be in understanding the influence of the project manager characteristics. This may indicate to developers and construction companies that they should pay more attention to the characteristics of project managers’ and their skills in communication, in order to improve the outcome of projects and to benefit the construction industry as a whole. The value is that the building industry, specifically project managers, should know the influence and effect a style of leadership has on the management of projects and that these characteristics are essential for effective completion of projects. Conclusion and recommendation: Knowledge of the characteristics and leadership styles followed by construction project managers will contribute to solving communication problems.

The project manager has to sum up the situation and then adapt a style according to that specific situation. Selection and peer-review under responsibility of the IPMA. Project risk is of fundamental importance in assessing the performances. Quantitative risk assessment and management allows for fast decision-making.

The risk index of Work Progress Status allows us to determine the risk of the project. The paper presents a deterministic technique for assessing and preventing project risks, by determining the risk of the Work Progress Status. Firstly, the performance of the input factors, namely the costs, quality, and time, are detected, that reflect the Iron Triangle of the Project Management. As each phase ends, the actual values of the input factors are detected and compared with that planned, and corrective actions are taken for considering the impact of the actual performances on the overall project. Thus, the current risk degree of the project is determined through the Weighted Sum Method.

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