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Singing was also employed as a recreational activity but as a release from the inevitable tensions that come with fighting in a war, particularly a war in which the issue of freedom of a race is to be decided. In camp, music was a diversion away from the bloodshed, helping the soldiers deal with homesickness and boredom. Soldiers of both sides often engaged in recreation with musical instruments, and when the opposing armies were near each other, sometimes the bands from both sides of the conflict played against each other on the night before a battle. To this day, many of the songs are sung when a patriotic piece is required. The Civil War was an important period in the development of American music. Army units included individuals from across the country, and they rapidly traded tunes, instruments, and techniques. The songs that arose from this fusion were “the first American folk music with discernible features that can be considered unique to America”.

Boy wearing Union uniform, hat, and boots, looks into the camera. 24 members, while a cavalry regiment could have one of sixteen members. July 1861 requiring every infantry, artillery, or cavalry company to have two musicians and for there to be a twenty-four man band for every regiment. The July 1861 requirement was ignored as the war dragged on, as riflemen were more needed than musicians.