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The model seeks to explain the anti chomsky reader pdf populations are manipulated and how consent for economic, social, and political policies is “manufactured” in the public mind due to this propaganda. Describing the media’s “societal purpose”, Chomsky writes, ” the study of institutions and how they function must be scrupulously ignored, apart from fringe elements or a relatively obscure scholarly literature”. The theory postulates five general classes of “filters” that determine the type of news that is presented in news media.

The first three are generally regarded by the authors as being the most important. Nevertheless, there remained a degree of diversity. The authors posit that these earlier radical papers were not constrained by corporate ownership and therefore, were free to criticize the capitalist system. A table of six big media conglomerates in 2014, including some of their subsidiaries. Such conglomerates frequently extend beyond traditional media fields and thus have extensive financial interests that may be endangered when certain information is publicized.

According to this reasoning, news items that most endanger the corporate financial interests of those who own the media will face the greatest bias and censorship. Lack of success in raising advertising revenue was another factor in the demise of the ‘people’s newspapers’ of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The product is composed of the affluent readers who buy the newspaper—who also comprise the educated decision-making sector of the population—while the actual clientele served by the newspaper includes the businesses that pay to advertise their goods. According to this filter, the news is “filler” to get privileged readers to see the advertisements which makes up the content and will thus take whatever form is most conducive to attracting educated decision-makers.

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Stories that conflict with their “buying mood”, it is argued, will tend to be marginalized or excluded, along with information that presents a picture of the world that collides with advertisers’ interests. The third of Herman and Chomsky’s five filters relates to the sourcing of mass media news: “The mass media are drawn into a symbiotic relationship with powerful sources of information by economic necessity and reciprocity of interest. Prime Minister’s personal spokesperson” for government news. Business corporations and trade organizations are also trusted sources of stories considered newsworthy. Editors and journalists who offend these powerful news sources, perhaps by questioning the veracity or bias of the furnished material, can be threatened with the denial of access to their media life-blood – fresh news.

Thus, the media has become reluctant to run articles that will harm corporate interests that provide them with the resources that they depend upon. This relationship also gives rise to a “moral division of labor”, in which “officials have and give the facts” and “reporters merely get them”. It may take the form of letters, telegrams, phone calls, petitions, lawsuits, speeches and Bills before Congress and other modes of complaint, threat and punitive action’. Business organizations regularly come together to form flak machines.