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NBC” lettering was placed near the summit of Radio Peak in huge white letters. KRON could return to the air. Bay Area kids, known as the “City Council”, joined The breaking through by francisco jimenez pdf Art in the studio each day.

Mayor Art’s Almanac”, games, prizes, and a sock puppet named “Ring-A-Ding. A promotional brochure declared, “each ASSIGNMENT FOUR story is concerned with cultural and ethnic activities or perhaps some fascinating phase of life and living in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. 1973, while the FM transmitter remained on San Bruno Mountain. By about 1990-1991, this evolved into the “circle 4” logo in use to this day, with the “4” keeping the bridge design. The original version of KRON’s current logo was based on the design of the Golden Gate Bridge. Station identifications used by the station during the 1970s and 1980s usually depicted the logo hidden in positive space within a full-scale design of the bridge. Until the late 1970s, KRON-TV was known for being very San Francisco-centric in its news coverage and audience targeting, an approach that would become costly to the station as population growth in areas outside San Francisco soared.

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