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Madame Trần-lệ-Xuân dans la robe de mariée à Hanoï 1943. Known for her harsh and incendiary comments that denounced anti-government protests by some Buddhist sects and the strong American influence and presence in the country, she had to live in exile in France after her husband and her brother-in-law, Diệm, were assassinated in 1963. This is a Sino-Vietnamese word that means “beautiful”. Lệ – Diễm Lệ, so Lệ Xuân means “Beautiful Spring”. Traditionally and superstitiously, Vietnamese parents never used “bad and unlucky” words to name their children. Lệ Thủy and Lệ Quyên. Bac Lieu in the Mekong Delta before marrying into the ruling imperial dynasty.

Her father also served as the first foreign secretary for Indochina under Japanese occupation. The Chươngs were under observation by the French police who doubted their loyalty to France with M. French, and she remembered as a schoolgirl learning about French history and nothing about Vietnamese history and of singing songs about the forests and mountains of France, observing later the purpose of her education was to eradicate any sense of a Vietnamese identity, and to make her into a proper young Frenchwoman. Vietnamese into “Frenchmen with yellow skin”, and thus French teachers tried to stamp out any sense of a Vietnamese identity in their students. The message French teachers taught their students was that to be French was to be “civilized” and to be Vietnamese was to be “uncivilized”.

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