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Pronunciation of the shiji pdf middle school syllable is highly regular with the written system and there are only a few exceptions such as vowel devoicing. Japanese has a great deal of homophones that make correct pronunciation quite important. While language learners may have difficulty hearing the difference between nuances like long and short vowels, native speakers are used to these and might not understand incorrectly pronounced words. There are five vowels in Japanese, normally transcribed into the English alphabet as: “a”, “i”, “u”, “e” and “o”.

This sound has no approximation in English. Spanish and Italian speakers may note that Japanese vowels produce the same sounds as their Spanish and Italian equivalents. Japanese vowels always represent distinct phonemes and don’t form digraphs — i. When one vowel follows another they are pronounced separately.

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The rest of the syllabary is formed by combining the above vowels with a consonant. Note that the sound which is written with a “y” is not considered a vowel, but a consonant. This will come as little surprise to German speakers where the same sound is written with a “j”. From this table one can see that the Japanese syllabary is highly systematic.