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The 90-minute show features more than 140 performers and an original musical score, and combines singing, dancing, and humor with traditional scenes. The spectacular now pdf free 2017 production ran from November 10, 2017 to January 1, 2018. The “Christmas Spectacular” began in 1933 when the Music Hall presented lavish live stage shows along with the latest Hollywood feature films. This was just one year after the opening of the Music Hall in 1932.

These last two scenes have continued in every edition of the annual show up to the present day. The Christmas show, like all the Radio City stage shows, continued to be produced and choreographed by Leonidoff and Markert through the early decades of the Music Hall’s history. In addition to the annual Christmas show at Radio City, road companies have presented a touring version in theaters throughout the United States. Grand Palace Theatre in 1994.

The successful show launched a national tour the following year. In 2008, a new tour consisting of the 2007 edition was launched, playing at select theaters and arena venues around the country. This edition of the show was filmed and has been released on DVD. The production featured an updated 3DLIVE scene and new musical numbers in addition to “The Parade of Wooden Soldier” and “The Living Nativity.

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