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He claims that his tale is “noble”, but reminds the other pilgrims that he is quite drunk and cannot be held accountable for what he says. The Miller’s Tale” begins the trend in which succeeding tellers “quite” the previous one with their story. Reeve follows Robin’s insulting story about a carpenter with his own tale disparaging a miller. This door, carved with a linen-fold decoration, was probably a back or interior door of a middle-class home. It is remarkable for its cat hole. Few doors with cat holes have survived from this early period, but the 14th-century English writer Geoffrey Chaucer described one in the “Miller’s Tale” from his Canterbury Tales. And at the last he hadde of hym a sighte.

The carpenter, John, lives in Oxford with his much younger wife, Alisoun, who is a local beauty. To make extra money, John rents out a room in his house to a clever scholar named Nicholas, who has taken a liking to Alisoun. Another scholar in the town, Absolon the parish clerk, also has his eye on Alisoun. The action begins when John makes a day trip to a nearby town.

While he is gone, Nicholas convinces Alisoun to have sex with him, and their affair begins. Shortly afterward, Alisoun goes to church, where Absolon sees her and immediately falls in love. He tries to woo Alisoun by singing love songs under her window during the full moon and seeks her attention by taking a part in a local play. Alisoun rebuffs all his efforts, however, because she is already involved with Nicholas. Nicholas, meanwhile, longs to spend a whole night in Alisoun’s arms rather than just the few moments they get together during John’s absences.

With Alisoun, he hatches a scheme that will enable him to do this. He convinces John that God is about to send a great flood like the one he sent in Noah’s time. He says that God told him they could save themselves by hanging three large tubs from the ceiling to sleep in. Once the waters rose, they would cut the ropes and float away. John believes him and duly climbs into his tub.