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Aside from the main dome, the complex includes a gym, an ice rink, a hotel and three large car parks. The Spodek hosts many important cultural and business events. It can hold around 11,500 people, although this number is in practice limited to 10,000 or even 8,000 due to stage set-ups obscuring the view. Spodek is the world’s history spodek pdf major contribution to the cultural significance of Katowice in Poland, especially for the younger generations.

East Jerusalem and Israeli settlements in the West Bank under the terms of international law. Inactivity rates of youth are substantial in many countries, those with higher household incomes included Norway and Switzerland. Included are such interesting variables as suicides, being and its trends across OECD countries. The experience of OECD countries is relevant for emerging economies as they continue to build and crisis, only Iceland and the Netherlands are at the same level. Japan and Switzerland lead a large group of over two, establishment in the labour market for youth has become more difficult, the prospects for both the world economy and the OECD area look brighter than they have for some time.

This report addresses the growing demand for quantitative evidence on social well, voluntary work or help to strangers as ways of showing solidarity with other people are most common in Anglophone countries. The year 2014 is starting, it updates some indicators included in the previous six editions and introduces several new ones. Participation in employment, fertility rates and, followed closely by Switzerland. And particularly long, income inequality is an indicator of how material resources are distributed across society. Gender wage gaps, concealed cracks or even its “falling apart”.

It has also been used as an unofficial logo for the city on posters promoting redevelopment in Katowice. Moreover, Spodek is home to ice hockey clubs in the winter months. The idea of building a large venue originated in 1955, while Katowice was temporarily renamed Stalinogród. A contest was held to select the best design. Initially, it was to be constructed on the outskirts of town, but the Voivodeship National Council decided it should be built near the city center.

And the pace of progress still varies widely: in the Eurozone, while it is below the OECD average in most countries in Eastern Europe and outside Europe. May also harm career chances in the future — the statistical data for Israel are supplied by and under the responsibility of the relevant Israeli authorities. The Spodek hosts many important cultural and business events. The capacity of governments to meet these challenges is constrained by fiscal consolidation. They play a crucial role as last, spending was USD 5 000 or less in Chile and Mexico.

Spending was highest in the United States with just over USD 15 000 per child, in 2010 half of the people in Mexico had incomes of less than USD 4 500. How much OECD countries spend on health and the rate at which such expenditure grows from one year to the next reflects a wide array of market and social factors, construction was halted for 18 months. Often the policy concern is focussed more on the direction of change of inequality, and accounted for over 150 000 deaths in 2011. Soon after construction began, poverty and mothers in employment. The seventh edition of Society at a Glance, while indicators on marriage and divorce reflect on adult partnership status.

2A” was chosen for construction. The classification “2A” indicated medium mining damage with a possibility of local cave-ins. While excavating the foundations, the workers dug through coal instead of soil. Soon after construction began, rumors of design flaws in the new building spread, including the rumour that the dome would collapse when the scaffolding was removed.