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Please expand the article to include this information. It traces the history of the genteel Pargiter family from the 1880s to the “present day” of the mid-1930s. Except for the first, each section takes place on a single day of its titular year, and each year is defined by a the years virginia woolf pdf moment in the cycle of seasons. At the beginning of each section, and sometimes as a transition within sections, Woolf describes the changing weather all over Britain, taking in both London and countryside as if in a bird’s-eye view before focusing in on her characters.

Although these descriptions move across the whole of England in single paragraphs, Woolf only rarely and briefly broadens her view to the world outside Britain. January 21, 1931, an edited version of which would later be published as “Professions for Women”. Woolf thought of making this lecture the basis of a new book-length essay on women, this time taking a broader view of their economic and social life, rather than focusing on women as artists, as the first book had. By February 1933, however, she jettisoned the theoretical framework of her “novel-essay” and began to rework the book primarily as a fictional narrative, though as Anna Snaith has argued in her introduction to the Cambridge edition of the novel, “Her decision to cut the essays was not a rejection of the project’s basis in non-fiction, but affirmation of its centrality to the project, and to her writing in general. It was an uncertain Spring. Colonel Abel Pargiter visits his mistress Mira in a dingy suburb, then returns home to his children and his invalid wife Rose. His eldest daughter Eleanor is a do-gooder in her early twenties, and Milly and Delia are in their teens.

Delia feels trapped by her mother’s illness and looks forward to her death. Ten-year-old Rose quarrels with twelve-year-old Martin and sneaks off by herself to a nearby toyshop. On the way back she is frightened by a man exposing himself. As the family prepares for bed, Mrs Pargiter seems at last to have died, but she recovers. Kitty Malone, with whom he is in love.

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