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Click the View full text link to bypass dynamically loaded article content. In this chapter, we describe how risk and ambiguity impact the value of choice options, how this impact can be modelled formally and how it is implemented in the brain. The components of either approach appear to be represented in common and, at least to some extent, in separate brain regions, which include the dopaminergic midbrain, striatum and the orbitofrontal cortex. The fact that the principal components of formal models from economics and finance theory and their behavioral versions that provide better descriptive fit are represented in the brain provides converging support for these models. This article has not been cited. This is the thirteenth edition of what has become an annual annotated Public Relations Bibliography. This latest edition updates those first compiled and edited by Scott Cutlip, beginning in 1957, and continued by Dr.

Albert Walker has compiled and edited these annual editions of the Public Relations Bibliography since 1976. In compiling, this latest edition, the bibliographer has combined manual with computer searches. More than 200 databases were searched for relevant titles. Manual searches were conducted with the help of honors students at Northern Illinois University, where the bibliographer is a professor and director of the Public Relations Sequence. Margaret Perry prepared camera-ready copy for publication.

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