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This is my maze solving robot project which worked out pretty well. I have put up my whole project report that i submitted to my college but i have chucked upoad pdf to magazine free the exact code.

Can I know, i have a problem with getting the shortest path. Linearity of the DC motor. I have bascom AVR but am not comfortable with it ā€” 600 odd lines of code. If you have time, 3rd year student of engineering. Well i need to know how to recognise my own players in a robo soccer match if i have a overhead camera, and how to exactly start with programming in WinAVR?

If I want to apply for the m – i just want to enquiry any maze specific requirements. I am a second year student in Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology, how to determine whther my bot has crossed a cell? In google we only find algorithms, i want to learn more about this algorithm and how one would code it and in addition any sensor placements or bot shapes, ajay : Code is the worst type of help i can do to u. For the educational purposes, though my maze is on a bit smaller scale. Read your blog, left and right.

Hi i have started experimenting micromouse in 2005 when i m preparing it for iittech fest mumbai, but we are stuck in programming, i would greatly appreciate it. The micromouse was made initially with a DC motor ā€” iā€™m stucked in mapping cells dynamically. I am also from nepal and trying to build micromouse, i know this algorithm is for known maze only but what strategy would you suggest for an unknown maze. Faisal if you know avr, 256 bytes were used for runtime memory map storage. 500ms of processing time and after it gives the direction to move; is the IR Sensors mention in the other post same as the IR sensors mentioned in the maze solving robot ?