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This article has multiple issues. She is vampire academy 3 pdf free download eighteen-year-old Moroi Queen. Lissa is described as having long, platinum blond hair and jade green eyes.

Her element is “Spirit”, a psychic element that draws from the body and soul, giving her the following abilities: extremely powerful compulsion, healing and resurrection. Her powers first manifest during a car accident when she was fifteen, killing her entire family and best friend Rose. Her extreme shock and dismay unearthed her powers and she accidentally resurrected Rose, binding the two spiritually. The more she uses her powers, the more Spirit dissolves her sanity.

The situation deteriorated so severely that Lissa resorted to cutting herself as an outlet for her psychotic breakdowns. Later on, Lissa discovers that the use of Spirit and the darkness that is produced from it directly affects her bondmate Rose, yielding the same product of darkness, uncontrollable rage and bloodlust, and insanity. She is romantically involved with Christian Ozera. Jill Mastrano is revealed to be her half-sister, the result of an affair between her father and Jill’s mother. Moroi monarch as an attempt to divert attention while trying to discover the identity of the queen’s murderer. Lissa is elected Queen of the Moroi. He is a social outcast due to his parents willingly becoming Strigoi.

Unusual for a Moroi, Christian is an avid survivalist and believes in learning self-defense and offensive spells. His elemental specialization is fire, an element that is directly lethal to Strigoi. Christian is described as tall with messy black hair and ice blue eyes. He is also described as sarcastic, cynical, depressed, and introverted.

It is observed that he smirks when he doesn’t want to reveal his true feelings. Later on he helps them escape by melting Rose’s hand cuffs as he is a fire user. Although he breaks up with Lissa at the end of Blood Promise due to her odd behaviour and her kissing Aaron at a party they later on they get back together at the end of Spirit Bound. Primary love interest for Alchemist Sydney Sage. He was in love with Rose in Vampire Academy series books and constantly tried to have her attention with relentless flirting.

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